To achieve long-term, durable relationships with our own employees, suppliers, dealers, our customers and other stakeholders, we’ve set up certain goals. This means we build long-term meaningful connections; we treat each other with respect and engage in a positive way. We also take initiative to grow these relationships and always communicate in a positive yet efficient manner.

People goals:​​​​​​

  • Gender equality and diversity
    Equality and diversity in the workplace is becoming the new normal. We put everything in the works to assure equal opportunities for all STAS stakeholders.
  • Limit working hours
    A maximum number of working hours is implemented at STAS to facilitate optimal work-life-balance for all employees.
  • Green factory
    We share the proceeds of our reduced consumption with our employees. Moreover, all employees receive a sustainable drinking bottle to counter single-use plastics.
  • Working from home
    If the employee's duties allow it, employees can work from home.
  • Happy factory
    Sustainable employability with an innovative wage system
  • Team Care & Connect
    A few employees want to dedicate themselves to help other colleagues to achieve healthier lifestyles and help employees connect. Meet the STAS Care & Connect Team and find out what they do.

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