Cramaro automatic sheeting with Autoback system

The Cramaro autoback cover is a tarpaulin sheet that slides completely forward over tipper body and rests on the front bulkhead. With a standard tarpaulin, the sheet rests on the side wall, meaning it can get damaged during the loading process. The autoback is equipped with curved bows so that the sheet takes on a rounded shape. Allowing rain to smoothly run off the tarpaulin and no pockets of water are created on the sheet. Often, such puddles can become so extensive that the sheet will tear.

The Cramaro autoback sheeting system is available in electric and manual versions. The electric version comes with a remote control that allows you to operate the system from a distance.

In the event of an electrical breakdown, the electric motor can be disconnected and the tarpaulin sheet can still be manually operated. The manual version is fitted with a crank handle that allows you to roll out the sheet from ground level. Both systems can be operated from the ground, which saves a lot of time for the driver and is also safer.


  • Available in electric and manual version
  • Curved bows in different heights
  • Electric version can also be operated manually
  • Fast
  • Safe
  • Good availability of spare parts
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