Cramaro Cereal automatic tarpaulin with fixed rear flap

The Cramaro Cereal tarpaulin with fixed back cover is a low-maintenance option for those who work fast. With this electric system, the sheet can be opened and closed in less than a minute at the touch of a button. This can be controlled with a remote control, via an app or via the control console on the chassis. It is possible to disconnect the electric motor and operate the system manually. So even if you breakdown, the sheet can be opened.

The Cramaro Cereal system is also available in a manual version, where the sheet is operated from the ground by means of a crank handle. Both options allow you to operate the sheet from the ground, which is safer and saves you time.

The system works with curved hoops so that the water slides off the tarpaulin quickly, keeping the load dry. Damage to the sheet is reduced by the fact that the tarpaulin slides completely forward when opened. This reduces the chance of damage during loading from the sides with loading equipment. In general, the parts for this sheeting system can easily be replaced. In addition, as a driver you do not have to tie down anything at the back of the trailer.

In short, this solution is safe, fast and efficient!

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