double winged hydraulic roof system with double-acting hydraulic rear door

The double winged hydraulic roof system is perfect for transporting wood and waste. 
It means that the driver no longer needs to get out of the cab to open and close the sheeting system, and the fully welded and galvanised steel supports push down the load a little more when closing.


  • fully welded, galvanised steel supports, at both the front and rear end
  • ‘Ferrari quality’ roof: extremely high mechanical strength and very easy to maintain due to Formula S2 coating
  • 4 mm thick protective plate above the pivoting tubes to prevent damage while loading
  • 10 mm thick supporting cables
  • steel pivoting tubes for opening and closing without causing torsional deformation
  • four-layer hydraulic hoses are shielded by protection tubes in matching paintwork
  • hydraulic control unit with integrated collector and pressure safety valve
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