Cramaro Overquick automatic sheeting system for tippers

The fully automatic Overquick sheeting system is the favourite of many. This sheeting system covers uneven loads and works perfectly in extreme weather conditions. The curved top edges on the front and back in combination with the central support pipe that rests on the roof bars, prevents water from collecting on the tarpaulin.

The powerful electric motor stretches out the cover perfectly by tightening itself onto the clamps on the side walls. 

Update 2021:

Cramaro has given the Overquick sheeting system a few updates to make it even better. An air chamber has been added to reduce damage during loading and unloading.

The entire system is more efficient due to the addition of these air chambers, meaning less air pressure is needed. Where previously 2.5 bar was required, 1.5 bar is now sufficient. The extra air chambers allow the sheet to close and roll out correctly. The system is also equipped with a more compact front rail and a new belt drive. The updates significantly extend the life of the entire system.

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