single winged hydraulic roof system

The singe-winged hydraulic roof system is the ideal solution if your load cannot get wet from rainfall. 
The two hydraulic motors with a torque of 4150 Nm combined with the fully welded frame construction provide an exceptionally stable and reliable system, even in heavy wind.


  • fully welded, corrosion-resistant frame construction
  • high-quality Carapax roof: 100% waterproof without any gaps and a very high tensile strength
  • hydraulic supply via rigid pipes instead of cables to prevent damage while loading
  • integrated oil splitter for perfectly synchronic rotary movement by both hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic control block with integrated collector and pressure safety valve
  • 4 mm thick protective plate above the pivoting tube to prevent damage while loading
  • Straps integrated in the side wall
  • can be opened fully against the side wall to protect the side wall while loading

Block test

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