watertight manual sheet

This 100% water-proof manual sheet is the perfect solution for where the load cannot become wet and the empty weight needs to stay as low as possible. 

This sheet generously overlaps the side walls and the additional curved plates positioned on the top edges at the front and tail end of the body also create a large overlap between the sheet and the vehicle. Furthermore, the plates are curved upwards and a tube is incorporated in the middle of the sheet that supports the roof bars. This prevents the accumulation of water on top of the sheet when stationary. The sheet is stretched using three straps and the accompanying ratchets are neatly concealed beneath the trailer body. The straps are attached to the sheet using a rectangular profile that enables the sheet to be stretched very tightly.

Furthermore, at the front of the body there is a curved tubular section welded to the upper edge which means that driving wind does not affect the water tightness of the system. 

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