How does a walking floor trailer work?

Tuesday 11 December 2018

In the recycling and agricultural industries transport in bulk ( transport of unpackaged goods such as wood, slaughterhouse waste or biomass ) is an everyday occurrence.

STAS makes each transport a real pleasure. It focuses on providing comfort for everyone who is in touch with trailers from STAS. This applies to the driver, who uses all the functionalities of the trailer in an ergonomic way, but also to the hauler, who send his robust and reliable STAS trailers on the road with peace of mind. The STAS walking floor trailers or moving floors, combine the practical with the pleasant for you, but also for everyone in their way. However, how does a walking floor trailer work

The pleasure of a walking floor trailer

Using a walking floor trailer, transporting bulk or large quantities of packaged goods such as pallets or paper rolls, is a piece of cake. Once the trailer is loaded, the manual or automatic sheeting systems protect the payload from all weather conditions. Unloading a walking floor trailer is literally a breeze. The hydraulically controlled floor (walking floor or moving floor) operates the load outwards while the driver checks it from a safe distance.

The operation of a walking floor trailer

The system has a number of groupings of three slats. The total number of floor slats will therefore always be a multiple of three, with 21 as the established standard. When unloading the cargo, the entire floor will always move backwards. This first "stroke" ensures that the rear part of the load falls out of the walking floor trailer. Then the slats of each group retreat in three extra strokes (so in turn). Because two-thirds of the floor remains still during retraction, the load remains in place during these three strokes. Then the system is back at the end and will bump out the next part of the cargo. In the video below you can see the operation of a walking floor trailer in action.

Number of slats on your walking floor trailer

Besides the standard 21 slats, the walking floor trailers can also be equipped with 15 or 24 slats. Where fewer (but stronger) slats are used for heavier transport (e.g. scrap) and more slats for a finer payload. With different forms of slats, the walking floor trailer is fine-tuned to have a perfect unloading process of your product. In order to get the last load out of the moving floor quickly, a moving bulkhead is mounted. This extra wall moves with the load and gives the last part of the load an extra push. In this way, the driver does not lose time sweeping and stars immediately with the transport of the next load.

STAS is present in each sector

STAS produces a suitable vehicle for every industry. The Biostar and Farmstar, for example, make bulk transport in the agricultural sector - respectively light and heavy transport - a pleasure. In the recycling sector, the Ecostar and the Scrapstar fill these positions. If you would like to know more about the different walking floor trailers, adapted to your needs thanks to the specialized options, please take a look at or website or contact your dealer.




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