The assets of our pneumatical bumper highlighted!

Friday 06 October 2017
The pneumatic underrun bar eliminates a manual action for the driver. The driver no longer needs to manually fold up the underrun bar to unload the goods nor fold the underrun bar down when driving.

There are three possible modes of operation:
1. using the button in the cabin
2. using the switch on the console
3. using the control paddle when tipping

  • The underrun bar automatically folds up and down (so the driver does not need to perform this action manually). The driver does not need to get out of the vehicle.
  • The underrun bar (and the mud flap) does not hang down in the material during unloading.

  • The driver can lift up the underrun bar, which allows tipping over concrete blocks, etc.
The bumper can be ordered on:
- agrostar
- buildstar
- buildstar X
- rockstar

Download here the pdf.




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