How to check and solve a technical breakdown on a walking floor trailer

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How to check and solve a technical breakdown on a walking floor trailer

Your moving floor systems isn't working? Let's have a look! Follow these 4 simple steps.

  • Step 1: Check the emergency switches

Are all emergency switches pulled out? Check this carefully! If any emergency switches are still in place, pull them out. This may solve the problem. If there are no emergency switches still pressed, proceed to step 2.

  • Step 2: Electrical issues

To check whether the problem can be attributed to the electrical controls: check whether the side lights are working. Are your lights working? Proceed to step 3. Are the lights not working? Then we are dealing with an electrical problem. But don’t worry, the moving floor system also has a manual override procedure. Before proceeding, make sure the rear doors are unlocked (doorhandles and pneumatic lock) and the tarpaulin are opened. Then we switch to the manual override procedure. First, switch off your PTO (hydraulic pressure pump). Locate the main system valve block on the trailer and remove the red button. Turn the red button clockwise to overrule the electrical control. Remove the black cap next to the red button. Turn the screw underneath the black cap fully clockwise to unload, of fully counterclockwise to load. Activate the PTO, the moving floor system should immediately start the selected procedure. To stop the procedure, switch off the PTO and turn the red button counterclockwise again. This manual override is only an emergency solution. We advise you to contact your STAS dealer as soon as possible to plan the repair of the electrical circuit.

  • Step 3: Hydraulic hoses

Are your lights working, but the moving floor system is not? Then it is possible that the hydraulic hoses have been connected incorrectly. Check whether the supply hose (P) is connected to the supply valve and the return hose (T) is connected to the return. If there are no indicators on the hose or on the trailer, and if all components are original STAS parts, the thickest hose of the two is the return hose. If the hydraulic hoses were connected incorrectly, we strongly advise you to replace the oil filter upon your return home.

  • Step 4: Oil pressure

Have you gone through the previous steps and found no issues? Move on to the pump. Check the oil pressure of your pump. How do you do that? Make sure your pump system can handle a pressure up to a maximum of 250 bar. If the pump does not reach 250 bars, contact your pump supplier. Be careful: if the system is not working, turn off the pump immediately to avoid overheating.

Hydraulics checklist

  • Is your oil tank full? The system needs at least 150 liters of hydraulic oil.
  • Is the safety valve of the PTO correctly tuned?
  • Does your PTO pump deliver enough oil at the right pressure (90-110 liters per minute at 225 bar minimum)?
  • Are there any leaks or obvious damages in the system?

In case of frozen or sticky loads, it helps to partially unload your vehicle with other tools. When this doesn’t help, we recommend that you find a warm place for your walking floor trailer so that the load and the floor can thaw.

Is your moving floor still not working properly? Contact your dealer or a local service point.

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