Long Term Pleasure: more than a baseline

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Long Term Pleasure: more than a baseline

The awareness concerning our planet has been growing at STAS for longer than a day, but this year we took the time to make our intentions concrete. Recently, we have taken determined steps in the right direction and in addition to our well-known pillars 'Product' and 'People', we also integrated a third 'Planet' pillar in our company strategy. In this long term STAS policy we make our green promises and prove that a sustainable transport sector is possible.

As of this year 'Making bulk transport a long term pleasure' is the new baseline of STAS. It succinctly expresses what it is all about for us: sustainability in terms of our products, people and the planet. For example, we are the first in Europe to switch to the construction of trailers using 100% recycled aluminium and we are actively working on a zerowaste trajectory. Projects have already been set up to better sort, minimise and recover waste, and a major project for the construction of a wind turbine is underway.

These are the first initiatives we have taken recently towards a sustainable transport sector, and it doesn't stop there. We want to make sustainable transport as evident as excellent products and at STAS we do that - as always - with as much 'Pleasure'. Director Brecht Vandenborre:

"In recent times we have been obliged to think everything through again and we have seized that opportunity. Are we making the right choices? Are we making the right investments? Are we working with the right people? Do we follow the right philosophy? You can find the answers in our long term STAS pleasure policy. They are very clear: in the future we will continue to invest with even more enthusiasm in what is close to our heart: our people, our product and our planet".

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