Marc Pinguet and his grandson - Growing up with STAS

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Marc Pinguet and his grandson - Growing up with STAS

Marc Pinguet has been working for our dealer Channel in Marck, in the French district of Calais, for six years now. He previously had his own transport company and now takes charge of transporting trailers from the factory to Channel.

He comes to the STAS factory in Waregem once or twice a week. During the course of his career at Channel, Marc has already taken about a hundred trailers to France. Marc: “STAS supplies lovely, strong and well-made vehicles, that’s for sure. However, STAS is also the only company to supply trailers that you can straighten up again after tipping over.”

During the holidays he is joined out on the road by his grandson. At the age of twelve, Kylian can already couple trailers on and off like a proper expert.

“I want to do the same job as my grandfather when I’m older. That’s why I love helping so much. Meanwhile I already know how to drive, so I’m getting there. Of course, I’d prefer a STAS. They are better than all the others.”

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