Meet the STAS dog Jules, the border collie co-pilot

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Meet the STAS dog Jules, the border collie co-pilot

They say life on the road can be lonely, but that’s not true for driver Bart Haertjens. He promoted his dog to co-pilot and now he’s never alone when out on the road.

Bart Haertjens has been a haulier for Van Hecke for twenty-two years now. He usually hauls sand and gravel. And he hasn’t been alone on the road since the first time he took his dog with him in the cab seventeen years ago.

“My first dog was out on the road with me for eight years; my second dog, Jules, has been riding with me for nine years now,” explains Bart. “Jules was eight weeks old the first time I brought him with me. I’ve never had any problems. He’s never been carsick and he knows that he can’t relieve himself inside the lorry. Jules stays in his place while I’m loading and unloading the lorry, and then I take him on walks during my breaks. We have twelve people on our team at Van Hecke, but I’m the only one with a dog. The rest are satisfied with their STAS tipper as their faithful companion. Me, too, because there are never problems with the kipper, but I wouldn’t want to do without my dog either!” (laughs)

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