The strengths of a steel construction tipper, the "U-Rockstar"

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The strengths of a steel construction tipper, the "U-Rockstar"

The construction sector is a different story when it comes to transport. In addition to the rough terrain, there is also a very wide range of different loads. There is often a difference between the load of the outgoing cargo and the return cargo, and it also happens that the driver does not know in advance what the return cargo will be.


In the build segment, STAS offers aluminium construction tippers as well as steel construction tippers. The U-Rockstar offers the best solution for the transport of all heavy building materials, asphalt and demolition stones. The half-round steel tipper trailer is the best in this segment.

The design has been developed in such a way that functionality, strength and aesthetics are in perfect balance. Would you like to know more about the stability, safety, finishing and design of this steel construction tipper?

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