TIPS & TRICKS - Upper rail maintenance

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TIPS & TRICKS - Upper rail maintenance

Inspecting and maintaining the upper rail of your moving floor trailer on a regular basis has numerous advantages. These handy tips and tricks explain how and why.

How does it work?

The sliding wheels on the moving bulk head of your moving floor trailer are equipped with a buffer stop to push the residual load from the upper rail. The buffer stops promote the smooth movement of the sliding wheels. The rail should be kept clean at all times to prevent the sliding wheels from getting jammed. Otherwise, the moving bulk head can get stuck and, in the worst case, the top edge can become damaged.


  1. Clean the upper rail after every transport, especially with dusty loads
    Cleaning the upper rail after every unloading is a must when transporting dusty loads. The fine particles that remain in the upper rail can end up in the bearings of the sliding wheels. In the long run, this can cause the sliding wheels to jam and ultimately damage the upper rail.
  2. Service your upper rail twice a week
    Servicing the upper rail twice a week keeps your vehicle in top condition for longer. If possible, clean the rail using a compressed air gun (see photo). Not only do you remove any load residue and dust particles, but you also avoid the costs of having to repair a jammed sliding wheels or damaged upper rail in the long term.
  3. Inspect your sliding wheels
    Make a habit of carefully inspecting the sliding wheels of the moving bulk head on a regular basis. This can be done visually, but you can also easily check the condition of your sliding wheels by switching on the moving bulk head. Do you notice considerable resistance? If so, check your sliding wheels and replace them if necessary. You can download our extensive spare parts catalogue via this link, or contact your STAS dealer here. 

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