The moving bulkhead guarantees a fully unloaded moving floor

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The moving bulkhead guarantees a fully unloaded moving floor

The manual, electric or hydraulic moving bulkhead ensures that the load is completely unloaded from your moving floor trailer.

But how does a moving bulkhead work?

When the floor system moves, both the rug and the moving bulkhead will move with it due to friction. Since everything move along while unloading, the moving floor trailer remains clean after unloading. Even the smallest parts will have been unloaded.

A manual, electric or hydraulic moving bulkhead

The choice is yours. In case of an electric or hydraulic moving bulkhead, you will be back on the road faster as the moving bulkhead automatically takes up its position at the font of the trailer .

Curious about which version is the most suitable for your needs?

Download the PDF file at the bottom of this page to see the different versions of the walking floor moving bulkhead in detail.

Using the moving bulkhead in 5 steps

The moving bulkhead and rug are accessible through the opening rear doors of your moving floor trailer.

How do you use the bulkhead?

  1. Detach the rubber bands that secure the moving bulkhead in position.
  2. Detach the floor sheet from the moving bulkhead and spread it as far as possible over the moving floor as possible.
  3. Ensure that the track rails for the moving bulkhead are free on both side walls of the trailer, along the entire length of the trailer.
  4. Check whether the left and right end stops of the moving bulkhead are fitted in the track rails.
  5. Once the trailer has been loaded, check whether sufficient material has been deposited onto the floor sheet. This is to ensure that the floor sheet is pressed against the floor and to ensure that the load does not end up underneath the floor sheet or behind the moving bulkhead.

Operation after unloading the moving floor trailer

With the manual version, after unloading, push the moving bulkhead and sheet back to the front of the trailer and reattach the elastic bands. In case of an electric or hydraulic retractable moving bulkhead, this will be automatically retracted by the use of the remote control.

Furthermore, if you have this option installed, you can reach the back of the moving bulkhead through the service door at the front of your trailer. In this way, you can get behind the moving bulkhead to maintain and clean the upper rail.

Want more information?

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