Single versus double-winged hydraulic sheeting system: what’s the right choice for your trailer in waste transport?

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Single versus double-winged hydraulic sheeting system: what’s the right choice for your trailer in waste transport?

The importance of having a hydraulic sheeting system

A sheeting system on a semi-trailer is a tarpaulin system used to cover and secure loads being transported in the body of the trailer. These systems are important for several reasons:

  • Protect the cargo: A sheeting system helps to protect the cargo from the elements. This is especially important for sensitive cargo that can be damaged by rain, wind, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • Improve fuel efficiency: A sheeting system can help to reduce wind resistance and improve the aerodynamics of the trailer, which can result in improved fuel efficiency for the vehicle and lower operating costs for transport.
  • Enhance safety: A sheeting system covers the entire load and prevents the load from shifting or even falling off during transport. It’s not only safer for the driver but for other road users as well. A properly fitted sheeting system also improves the professional appearance.

In summary, a sheeting system on a semi-trailer is an important tool for protecting and securing loads during transport, improving fuel efficiency, and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.

There are several factors to consider when deciding between single-winged and double-winged sheeting systems for your trailer. Let’s have a look!

The single-winged sheeting system for your trailer

A single-winged hydraulic roof system consists of one single, continuous piece of sheeting covering the entire top side of the trailer. One of the advantages of this, is when loading the trailer and the sheeting system is completely open, it protects the side of the trailer from getting damaged. It must be noted that this also has a downside: as the sheet is bigger than when using a double-winged sheeting system, you need ample room above and next to your trailer as to be sure to open the sheeting system without hitting anything and potentially damaging the tarpaulin. Besides that, you’ll also have to loosen and tighten integrated straps.

The single-winged system is very fast to open and close using a remote control or handling the system with a manual lever on the front bulkhead. It is also the most waterproof option of the two to secure your cargo.

The double-winged sheeting system

A double-winged sheeting system is a type of tarpaulin system designed to cover the load on a semi-trailer using two tarps attached to either side of the trailer. A big advantage connected to this is that the tarpaulins are smaller than the ones used in single-winged sheeting systems. You need less space above and around your semi-trailer when opening the sheeting system and you don’t need to worry about integrated straps as they aren’t necessary. A downside would be that this system isn’t guaranteed to be watertight as water can slip through the folds. Otherwise, you can opt for tarpaulins with extra wide sheets to fully protect both sides of the semi-trailer when the sheeting system is open.

The double-winged sheeting system also has a lightweight version available, perfect for wood transport.

So, what should you choose?

To be honest: it depends!

Ultimately, the right choice for you will depend on your specific needs and the type of cargo. If you need a durable, secure sheeting system that is 100% waterproof and can protect the side of the trailer, then the single-winged sheeting system is for you.

Are you more concerned about opening the tarpaulin and needing enough space, but it doesn’t really matter if the system is 100% watertight? Then the double-winged option is best for you.


Still not sure which way to go?

Contact our local STAS dealer to help you decide.

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