The new bolted-on catwalk for moving floor trailers: Safer and more durable

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The new bolted-on catwalk for moving floor trailers: Safer and more durable

A catwalk - the platform mounted on the front bulkhead of a walking floor trailer - allows workers to view into the trailer body and easy access to the sheeting system and straps. Because this platform is at a considerable height, safety measures must be taken to protect workers. We have upgraded our catwalk to make it safer, more durable, and easier to maintain.

Extra safe

We improved the safety of the bolted-on catwalk by raising the footboard, the edge around the floor of the catwalk, to significantly reduce the risk of slipping off the catwalk. The floor itself is also made from a perforated anti-slip plate, making it virtually impossible to slip from the catwalk, even in muddy and wet circumstances.

We’ve also improved the railing of the catwalk. We’ve replaced the chains with spring-loaded hands-free doors. We mounted them higher to secure extra safety and to prevent people from falling over them. The railing itself has also been made tougher by replacing the middle bar with a stronger knee tube.

All these changes make sure the catwalk is sturdier and safer to use for anyone entering the catwalk.

Modular, durable design

We’ve also thought about the durability of the design. We bolted the entire catwalk, the ladder and the fall protection on the front bulkhead. The hooks for the manual sheeting systems are now riveted to the front bulkhead instead of welded. Other than that, the railing and the ladders are all separately replaceable and because of the uniform powder-coated colour (RAL9006), everything is very easy and cost-efficient to replace or repair without grinding or welding. And what do you think about the curvy shape and aluminium look, it looks good, right?

Powder coating

We’ve also changed the painting style for the catwalk. Powder coating forms a thick and hard coating that is more resistant to chipping, scratching, corrosion, and other wear and tear. It also retains its colour for longer and is more environmentally friendly.

Even better!

Want to make the bolted-on catwalk even safer? Consider our automatic sheeting systems like VBK or Cramaro. With these remote-controlled sheeting systems, you no longer need to step out of the cabin to open or close the vehicle.

Our upgraded bolt-on catwalk can withstand the rigours of everyday use and provide maximum safety for your workers. Want to know more? Contact your closest STAS dealer:

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