A makeover for our Multistar

maandag 17 juli 2017
Our Multistar is widely used by companies specialised in combined transport of scrap and GMP. What sets this tipper apart from the rest is its full aluminium body and reinforced sides, front and rear. The increasing demand for larger volume transportation and even stronger backdoors led us to create an updated version of our Multistar. The prototype was tested, approved and purchased by French transport company Transports Robinet. Transports Robinet’s owner Dominique Robinet is a pioneer in the field of combined transport. For a detailed description and list of specialised options, please visit www.stas.be/multistar.

1. The Multistar is equipped with a double top rail to increase the rigidity of the side wall. This prevents the box section from being ‘open’. The 2017 version of the side wall is 25% more rigid than the ‘old’ reinforced version.
2. We created a "Slooping Z chassis" to maximise the volume.
3. The Multistar is designed with extra long rear standards. They have also been reinforced to create an as rigid as possible door frame to ensure that the closing process is extremely smooth and easy.
4. The Multistar has a shorter wheel base (7.400 mm) and shorter box length (10.870 mm) for agile manoeuvring in narrow factory aisles.




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