Specialised options for the Ecostar at Pollutec

maandag 28 november 2016
Important product innovations ensure that the Ecostar moving floor trailer now meets all the specific needs of the waste processing industry. We will be launching them at the 27th edition of Pollutec, the number-one trade fair for environmentally conscious innovations, which runs from 29th November to 2nd December in Lyon. We have developed hydraulic systems that make remote loading and unloading possible. That is useful when unloading in enormous bunkers, for example. Waste processing companies also often insist that the driver must remain seated in the vehicle.

The main improvements introduced by the hydraulic systems are safety and speed. The hydraulic roof considerably simplifies the loading process. The universal back door can be opened by a single touch of a button, but it can also be opened manually for unloading in areas with limited height or length. This dual function means the transporter can transport any type of waste. The digitisation of the sector has also been taken into account. A multifunctional remote control is used to control features such as the floor, back door and roof systems. A light floor with 15 floor planks for transporting bulk material is also available as an option.

With these specialised options, STAS now guarantees safe, comfortable and flexible waste transport with significant benefits to everyone involved.




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