Why choose an insulated trailer?

maandag 13 februari 2017

Trailers for the construction sector are regularly equipped with an insulating layer to retain the temperature of a load. A rockSTAR or buildSTAR, which may used for the transportation of asphalt, for example, will invariably be equipped with a heat-insulating layer. After all, the asphalt must remain at the correct temperature during transportation to ensure successful processing. If the load cools down too much, it will no longer be usable. A layer of mineral rock wool solves that problem.

The walls of the trailer are lined with Rockwool sheets. These consist of rock wool fibres that are bound together into water-repellent panels, after treatment with a thermosetting binder. The panels are then finished with an extra layer of aluminium, which gives insulated trailers a characteristic appearance. The certified plates are 70 mm thick and easily deliver the required thermal resistance (R < 1.65 m2 K/W). It is advisable to have the entire trailer covered when transporting goods over long distances. Covering the floor and side walls with insulation may be sufficient for shorter distances.




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