Family day at STAS Factory Tournai

vrijdag 27 september 2019
After the hard work, relaxation follows. That's why we organised a cosy family day at STAS Factory Tournai because we won the "Factory of the Future" award. An excellent opportunity to also involve the partners and children in the STAS story.

The family day started with an extensive reception and a word of thanks from the CEO, Francis Heyse. Since STAS is a family business, it goes without saying that great importance is attached to human relationships, and where do you get to know each other best?

At the dining table, of course! That's why, after the reception, a nice barbecue was provided for all employees.

After a nice meal with a drink and a good conversation, there was a factory tour, during which each work place was explained. In this way, proud employees were able to give their family members a glimpse into their daily activities.

When the guided tours came to an end, we finished with a tasty ice cream. We also thought about the children: a make-up stand, bouncy castle and folk games provided the youth with a lot of fun.

In short: a great day for the whole family and the STAS employees!

Click here to read our blogpost about winning the Factory of the Future award.




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