The first STAS Roadtrip was a big success

woensdag 05 september 2018

On the 11th of July, six students started with the adventure of their lives. Hitchhiking as duos, they would cross Europe to discover the most beautiful cities. On top of that, the adventurers could win €5000. On Friday July 20 the students returned to STAS in Waregem, where their journey also started, for the big closing event.

A true battle for the 3 duos

Family and friends came to Waregem to see their favorite duo arrive at STAS in Waregem. The students had left Belgium for an adventurous STAS Roadtrip in pairs, where they could earn money every day by hitchhicking. Each kilometer brought in one euro, but only for those who were first at the given coordinates. The other could only conquer the countdown of the money clock, hoping to pick up a few euros. Three euros per minute went off so it was a quick race against time for the students. Still the battle was thrilling day after day.

Next to the hitchhiking part there were also quite a few euros to earn with the challenges that were played in each city. This is how they revived the Roman history of Nîmes, discovered lovely tapas in Barcelona and revealed the Prague Spring to many tourists. A cultural but exciting immersion that could yield around €200 every day. Finally, the duos could also earn a lot of cash by making nice and high-quality videos that we’ve posted on our social media channels.

The winning students almost won €3000

The game was played and it was extremely exciting until the last day of the STAS Roadtrip. Only at the end of the final event, the duos were relieved of their suffering and were told who ultimately collected the largest amount of money and could take it home. Bavo & Hendrik were the lucky winners and won €2779,45! They received a large check from Francis Heyse, the CEO of STAS, and together with the other sutdents they celebrated the fantastic journey they made together.

Take a look at the aftermovie of the STAS Roadtrip 2018. For both the participants and the colleagues of STAS, who organized the trip with a big smile, it was a real adventure throughout Europe.

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