Universal double-acting rear door for U-Rockstar

The universal double-action rear door for the U-Rockstar can open as a top-hinged rear door when tipping but can also serve as a barndoor when the body is in a horizontal position. This way you can open the doors of the trailer and easily enter the body to clean it. The double-acting rear door works with double articulation. This ensures that the door(s) experience less pressure from the load when unloading runny loads such as sand, earth, etc. For such loads, you can choose to integrate grain hatches in the universal double-acting rear door, so that you can unload fine loads in a controlled way.

If you opt for the universal double-acting rear door for the U-Rockstar, no bows or top edge needs to be provided at the back of the trailer body. This prevents the load from snagging on the rear bow or top edge. The door provides a reinforced closure so that the side walls are held together. If desired, you can opt for clamps for extra security.


  • Mechanical locking
  • Operable from the cabin
  • Available with grain hatches
  • Compatible with clamps
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