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Since STAS was founded, the common goal has always been to work towards the most sustainable tipper trailers and moving floor trailers and consequently a sustainable transport sector. It's about sustainability in every sense of the word. We want our customers to be satisfied with our product in the long term and we want the production process to be as clean as possible. For example, we are the first in Europe to switch to building semi-trailers with recycled aluminium and we are actively working on a zero-waste process. In addition, people are always at the centre of what we do. Our relationships with dealers, suppliers, our own employees, and our customers are built in a sustainable way supported by family driven values and are meant to be longstanding relationships. And finally, our plants have a big impact on our ecological footprint. We aim to reduce our CO2-emissions significantly and to eventually become climate neutral.

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Sustainable relationships


65% progress

Building sustainable relationships and work environments

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Sustainable tippers


30% progress

Building the most sustainable tippers & moving floor trailers on the market

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Sustainable tippers


30% progress

We put everything in motion to become CO2-neutral

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Follow us on our journey to the world's most sustainable tipper & moving floor trailer

  • 2018: baseline CO2 emissions

    The year of 2018 serves as a baseline measurement for CO2 emissions. This is a reference point for where we are and where we want to go in the future.

  • STAS factory Tournai wins 'Factory of the Future' award

    This award is presented to factories that have undergone 7 crucial transformations to become a Factory of the Future. STAS Factory Tournai took on the challenge and was victorious. Read the full blogpost here.

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  • Launch of STAS planet

    A third pillar was added to STAS' corporate strategy in addition to the already existing pillars People and Product. Together, these three pillars form the backbone of the organisation. When decisions are made, the impact on each of the pillars is carefully considered. All three pillars are equally important.

  • Team Sustainability

    To put STAS Planet on the map, Team Sustainability was established. Enthusiastic employees who are determined to make an impact, dedicate themselves to getting sustainability on the agenda and finding a broader support base throughout the company.
    Meet team Sustainability here.

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  • Solar panels at STAS factory Waregem

    STAS Factory Waregem installs solar panels which replace up to 1/3rd of all electricity by  green energy. Read more about the solar Panels at STAS Factory Waregem.

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  • 5S process

    The 5S process is a tool to optimise your workstation according to how you use it. Thanks to this program, we made our factory safer, cleaner and more efficient. Productivity went up significantly and moral among the employees skyrocketed. Learn more about 5S.

  • Factory of the Future 2022 award for both Belgian factories

    STAS Factory Waregem and STAS Factory Tournai have both won the award for Factory of the Future. For STAS Factory Tournai, this is the 2nd time to receive this award. STAS Factory Tournai obtained the award for the first time in 2019. With the knowledge we gained then, we have invested heavily in both factories and have been able to transform them into real Factories of the future.

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  • Waste management at STAS

    To reinforce our responsibility to our planet, we have set up numerous initiatives to reduce STAS' carbon footprint. Within this set-up, it was evident for us to be one of the first projects to look at waste management to see where we can optimise and ideally reduce the amount of waste. Read more about it here.

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  • 25% reduction in CO2 emissions

    STAS achieves a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions. This is an interim goal that STAS aims to achieve on their way to the 40% reduction in 2027. This target applies to all STAS sites individually.

  • Solar panels on all STAS plants

    The three other STAS plants install solar panels which reduce the usage of energy from the grid and replaces it with sustainable solar energy.

  • 2027: 40% reduction in CO2 emissions

    By 2027, STAS realises the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% compared to the baseline measurement of 2018.

  • 2027: All trailers are 95% recyclable

    All STAS trailers, including plastic components, are 95% recyclable. Once a trailer reaches the end-of-life stage, its materials can be repurposed into new trailers via the cradle-to-cradle principle without compromising on high-quality standards.

The world's most sustainable tippers & moving floor trailers

Team STAS for a sustainable world

Read more about our journey to a sustainable STAS world.

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