VBK sheeting

The fully automatic VBK roll-up cover sheet is very sturdy thanks to the rotating arm on which the tarpaulin turns. The powerful electric motor in combination with the front and rear roll-up belts also ensure that this automatic cover system remains completely straight every time it is opened and closed. This cover system is operated from the ground or from the cabin using the remote control supplied. This system can be opened and closed in a mere 40 seconds, which saves an incredible amount of time during frequent loading and unloading.

The aluminium reinforcement tube in the middle of the sheet ensures that the tarpaulin only flaps minimally in driving wind. The guide arm is constructed in such a way that the VBK system pushes the tarpaulin upwards when opening and closing. Thanks to this feature in combination with the fact that the roller "rides" over the load, it is possible to cover loads that are slightly above the top edge. In addition, the plastic buffers next to the locking wings on the side wall ensure that the tarpaulin only wears minimally when it is opened and closed. Once the tarpaulin is closed, the load is covered watertight.

The advantages at a glance

  • 100% automatic system
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Opens and closes completely straight
  • Remote control
  • Open and close again in 40 seconds
  • Load can protrude a little
  • Waterproof
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