TIPS & TRICKS - keep the paintwork on your trailer in top condition

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TIPS & TRICKS - keep the paintwork on your trailer in top condition

It’s the depth of winter and the weather is detrimental to your trailer’s condition. Just think of the mud and grit scratching the surface, or road salt affecting your vehicle’s paintwork. These conditions can result in expensive repairs, as well as decreasing your trailer’s value. So ensure you maintain your STAS trailer’s paintwork well and carefully look after it at all times. We can tell you how :

  1. With a new vehicle, wait at least three months before cleaning it with high-pressure equipment
  2. When cleaning under pressure, always keep the following limits in mind: max. 40 bar at 60° and at a distance of 20-30 cm from the vehicle. Never use temperatures which are too high when washing your vehicle, stick to a maximum of 60°.
  3. Dilute or remove any acidic or saline products that come into contact with your vehicle as soon as possible. A good example here is road salt.
  4. Ensure additional paintwork protection by using a sealer or lacquer sealant. Use a paintwork cleaner regularly after washing your vehicle. This product can be applied by machine. Avoid using cleaners containing wax, remnants of wax will always remain to soil your vehicle.

STAS uses BASF-coatings, and particularly the Glasurit 68 Line, for producing innovative paintwork systems. This superior quality, acrylate based technology is highly UV, chemical and scratch resistant and has excellent anti-corrosion properties.



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