A new specialized option: the integrated tow hook

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A new specialized option: the integrated tow hook

"There are two types of drivers: those who have been stuck, and those who have yet to experience it."

Of course, the best way to go, is to prevent your trailer from getting stuck. Escpecially during the loading and unloading process or during the ride itself.

Stuck anyway? They you don't have to worry thanks to the integrated tow hook. This option is centrally located at the back of your trailer, and is now available on all our aluminium moving floor trailers: the Biostar, Farmstar and Ecostar... with steel or aluminum chassis.

When developing the towing hook, the unique STAS design and functionality were, as always, taken into account. This option, which is usually used in emergency situations, is very convenient and simple to use. As always, higher than normal pulling forces were taken into account to ensure the quality of the towing eye.

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