Plank doors

The 20° sloping top hinged door made of sidewall profiles for the tippers, is fitted with clamps so that the door can be firmly pressed onto the rubber seals in the body. This prevents wet or very fine loads such as cement from leaking when on the road. Another advantage of this smooth back door is that the door has a completely flat surface, so it can easily be personalised with your company livery.

The plank door with plank profiles is equipped with pneumatic closing hooks with 3 positions: open, closed and automatic. You can choose whether you want to open the back door manually or automatically. In the latter case, the closing hooks open automatically when the tipper starts to tip and close automatically when the tipper has been lowered. The tipper can be fully operated without exiting the vehicle.

Have a look at our sludge-tight door with clamps.


  • Equipped with clamps and rubber seals
  • Sturdy construction
  • Avoids spillage of delicate loads
  • Flat surface for lettering
  • Pneumatic closing hooks with 3 settings
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