STAS is Top-Employer certified!

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STAS is Top-Employer certified!

Half work is not in our DNA at STAS. When we do something, we do it well. Our loyal customers have known this for years when it comes to our TOP moving floors and tippers. We sincerely want to devote the same amount of attention, energy, modern resources and care to our employees as we have done for our products for generations.

In order to have these efforts officially recognized, in 20125 we embarked on a path that earned us the “Factory of the future Award” for our site in Tournai in 2019. One of the pillars of the FoF award is “human centered production” and at STAS we are recognized as one of the Belgian reference companies for that pillar, thanks to our many actions and projects to really put our employees first.

And now we have been awarded “Top Employer 2021”. It's an incredible honour for a family business to be included in this list of only 72 companies in Belgium. In addition, there are only 2 companies who can present the combination of Factory of the Future and Top Employer 2021.

We truly are unique ?.

We are proud of each and every one of our employees. All of them. Everyone. As #teamstas, we dedicate ourselves to constantly and passionately raise the bar, make a difference, improve. Even in difficult and challenging times.

And those efforts pay off.

Congratulations #teamstas, it is well deserved!