Fire extinguishers for flammable loads

On a moving floor trailer, 2 waterproof boxes with 6 kg or 9 kg powder fire extinguishers can be installed as a safety option when transporting flammable loads. When transporting ADR loads, 9 kg fire extinguishers are fitted as standard. The fire extinguishers are EN3- and CE-approved.

The waterproof boxes are made of protective plastic and their red colour makes them very easy to see.

On a tipper trailer, the 3, 6 or 9 kg fire extinguishers can only be installed on the support feet. On a moving floor trailer, the 3kg and 6kg versions can be installed on both the support legs and the front bulkhead. The 9kg version can only be installed on the bulkhead if there is sufficient space.


  • Waterproof
  • Striking colour
  • Variants available of 3 kg, 6 kg and 9 kg
  • Suitable for ADR-loads
  • EN3-approved
  • CE approved
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