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Sheet roll stops

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Sheet roll stops

Roll stops prevent the sheeting system rolling over the side of the trailer when the sheet is fully opened. STAS offers all kinds of roll stops for manual tarpaulins on tippers and moving floor trailers and roll stops specifically for moving floor trailers. In addition to the classic straight version, there is also an angled version. Thanks to the extra space that this creates, the driver can open the tarpaulin beyond the edge of the trailer so that the tarpaulin has less chance of being damaged during the loading process. For walking floor trailers, it is even possible to get a version that is angled and rotatable so that it is parallel to the body.

Another development is the pendulum roll stop. This is a roll stop that is hinged in the middle and has a weight hanging on the bottom. When you drive past low-hanging branches, they will push the roll-stop down. Thanks to the added weight, the roll stop will always come back into position and the driver will not be hindered.