Quality sheeting to protect your trailer

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Quality sheeting to protect your trailer

STAS constantly invests to improve the design and quality of its tarpaulins on the basis of users’ experiences. Loss of load, inclement weather, and even theft – a tarpaulin now has a protective function more than ever before. Quality is what you need. Moreover, you choose for yourself how far you want to go in that respect. You can fit your trailer with a tarpaulin of standard, Panama or Carapax quality.


The standard B9000 quality gives you a very qualitative tarpaulin. The polyester tarpaulin weighs 680g/m2 and has good breaking and tearing resistance (3000 N and 300 N respectively). It can withstand the most extreme weather conditions (from -30 to +70°C), is highly resistant to light (7-8), and has good fireproof qualities (< 100mm/min).


The Panama or B6000 tarpaulin quality is somewhat thicker and heavier (900g/m2). It is also used to make the sliding curtains in curtainside trailers. More vertical and horizontal threads ensure higher resistance to breaking and tearing than with the standard quality tarpaulin. These amount to 4000 N and 600 N in the longitudinal direction and 4000 N and 500 N in the transverse direction. This version has the same temperature resistance, light resistance and fire resistance as the standard quality.


Carapax is the strongest type of tarpaulin. We recommend it for loads with building rubble and branches. The tarpaulin consists of a layer of aramid and a layer of PVC. Aramid is a substance with exceptionally high tensile strength. It is also used, for instance, for bulletproof and fragment-proof vests. The tarpaulin won’t easily be damaged by branches and stones. It is also much harder to cut through this tarpaulin with a knife.

Whichever type you choose, ease of use is crucial. The roll tarpaulins are fitted with a user-friendly catwalk so that they can be opened and closed in under five minutes. You can open a semi-automatic system like Cramaro in just one minute at the push of a button. Or you can operate it with a lever. So there’s something for everyone, for all applications and preferences.

Need help choosing the ideal sheeting system? Contact your nearest STAS dealer by using the dealer finder below:

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