The advantages of the pneumatic underrun bar

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The advantages of the pneumatic underrun bar

Often, drivers are no longer allowed to leave their truck during loading and unloading. In some situations, it is very difficult to unload without incurring damage, for example when unloading in an asphalt machine or in a quay. As a result, more and more operations are becoming fully automated or controlled from the cabin instead of performing the operation manually on the trailer itself.

One of these actions is folding the bumper during unloading. Our automatic folding bumper is a specialised option controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. The cylinder is incorporated into the sturdy aluminium casing, with the underrun bar being pulled up by a thick steel cable. This construction guarantees the perfect combination of light and strong.

Often a button is built into the cabin to operate the pneumatic underrun bar, but this is not necessary for our vehicles at all: When the bumper is set to "automatic", the foldable underrun bar rises as soon as the body is tipped. A bonus because the driver doesn't even have to think about this extra action. Naturally, the driver can also choose to operate the bumper separately from tipping, so every possible situation can de dealt with comfortably. (Make sure that the security pins are in place when you go back on the road).

In this way, the pneumatic folding underrun bar undoubtedly contributes to a carefree tipping experience: Making bulk transport... a pleasure.