Wittwer Spedition & Logisitiek opts for robust and stable STAS trailers

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Wittwer Spedition & Logisitiek opts for robust and stable STAS trailers

At STAS, we like to put satisfied customers in the spotlight once in a while. We spoke to Georg Wittwer, owner and CEO of Wittwer Spedition & Logistik. They arrange transport and operate their vehicles mainly in the UK, Greece, Italy, Germany and Benelux. The family business was founded in 1974 by Georg's father. His wife, brother, sister-in-law and 2 cousins also work in the company. A true family business at heart, located in beautiful Eschenlohe, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the foot of the Wetterstein mountains.

How did the cooperation between Wittwer and STAS start?

"We first got in touch with STAS in 2014. Since then, we have built a great partnership. Right from the start, we were quite impressed by the quality of the vehicles, the commitment to innovation and the dedication to fine-tuning their products. At STAS, they work hard nicely match up strength, weight and functionality. Not only are the trailers becoming more sophisticated, they also follow the truck very stably and are easy to operate. Drivers, therefore, prefer STAS. This attention to detail is visible in everything they do and also translates into the optical. You can see that thought has gone into the whole thing."

Robust & stable

"We started with one STAS vehicle at the time and recently expanded our fleet with 25 Biostar walking floor trailers. Earlier, we also purchased some Ferrostar tippers, which form a smaller part of our fleet. They complement our fleet perfectly to serve our clientele optimally. We mainly transport loads such as grains, waste paper and metal flakes, but actually, we do almost everything in the field of bulk transport. The robust Biostars are multi-deployable, allowing us to use them flexibly and with confidence in different areas, even for the most difficult loads. As our trailers are crucial for our business, we have to be able to rely on their quality. Our experience tells us that the STAS walking floor trailers can handle these more complex loads better than other trailers in our fleet. For us, therefore, the Biostar is a perfect solution because not only do they last longer than other brands' vehicles, but they also have a lower running cost. That is obviously a crucial factor for us," Georg tells us.

STAS Service

"At STAS, we enjoy excellent support and after-sales service. It’s always nice to sit down with the people from Klimsa and STAS," Georg says. In his business, Belgium is mainly seen as a transit country to and from the UK. Thanks to STAS, which is headquartered in Waregem, Wittwer has come into contact with Belgian culture. "We have already got to know some pleasant towns like Waregem and Kortrijk and are always pleased when we can enjoy the delicious Belgian cuisine there", he says.

"The support of local STAS dealer Klimsa is also a great added value. When you buy a trailer, you choose the product, but the service is also decisive in that choice. The sales and after-sales service we receive are a big advantage," Georg explains.

Successful partnership

The success of Wittwer Spedition & Logistik is largely due to their commitment to quality and their passion for the business. Cooperation with STAS has helped them to further expand and improve their business. STAS' robust and stable walking floor trailers have proven to be reliable vehicles for Wittwer, while the excellent support and service from STAS and Klimsa give them peace of mind. For Wittwer Spedition & Logistik, STAS has proved to be the ideal partner, and we are proud to share their success story.

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