2 x 2 round LED rear lights

Double round full LED lights with three-chamber lights provide extra safety when you, are on the road with your tipper. Even if one of the LED lights gets damaged, you still have the 2nd housing that still works.

This multifunctional lighting includes a rear light, brake light and indicators. On a standard version, a tipper will have a reflector next to these round lights as well as a side marker light. On a standard version, the reversing lights and fog lights are in the centre of the chassis, just above the license plate of the vehicle.

These lights have an IP54 rating which means they are protected against a large amount of dust and water from any direction.

The 2x2 round LED rear lights are a worthy alternative to the 2x3 round LED rear lights that are no longer available due to updated legislation.


  • LED lighting
  • Multifunctional: rear lights, brake lights and indicators – all-in-one
  • IP54 rating
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