Discover the unique STAS moving floor frame

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Discover the unique STAS moving floor frame

A STAS walking floor trailer is equipped with an aluminium frame to support the moving floor system, and to carry the weight of the load. It goes without saying that this frame has a major impact on the overall strength and stability of the walking floor trailer.

A STAS moving floor trailer distinguishes itself from all other brands by the fact that the crossbars of the frame are fully welded and are 140 millimetres high, which is about 30% higher than the average on the market. This height is a very important factor, because the higher the crossbars, the more forces they can absorb.

The unique design of the walking floor trailer provides numerous advantages:

  • The pressure on the kingpin is reduced by 8%.
  • The specially developed ‘Omega’ profiles reduce the tension by 49%.
  • There is 24% less tension on the moving floor system and on the floor slats.
  • The vehicle is 25% more stable on the road.
  • The chassis frame experiences 30% less pressure from the load.

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in walking floor trailers, STAS has succeeded in launching the strongest and most stable walking floor trailer on the market. This results in a much lower risk of fractures and therefore a longer lifetime of the trailer.

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