How to maintain your STAS moving floor trailer

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How to maintain your STAS moving floor trailer

The importance of periodic maintenance for vehicles cannot be overestimated. Although most maintenance and repairs are best carried out by your dealer, you can preserve the second-hand value of your vehicle by doing some checks and chores yourself. The STAS experts give a few tips and explain which checks you can safely do yourself.

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Daily checks

Check that the floorplank bolts are fitted securely

If you can feel any movement between the bolts in the planks and the planks themselves, it is strongly recommended to replace the bolts.

If present, check the seals between the floor planks

If there is visible deterioration or damage, it is recommended to replace the seals.

Check your hydraulic pistons

Working underneath the trailer, take a closer look at the three hydraulic pistons to check for wear and tear, or any visible damage.

Check the hydraulic oil

Ensure that there is enough hydraulic oil in the buffer tank (at least 150L). If necessary, top up the oil tank with the correct type of hydraulic oil (ISO VG 32).

Regular maintenance work

Clean the upper rail twice a week

The upper rail needs to stay clean to prevent the sliding wheels from blocking, thus blocking the moving bulkhead. The upper rail can easily be cleaned with a compressed air gun. When transporting dusty loads, it is recommended to do this every time after each unloading.

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Hydraulic system

It is advisable to check the condition of the hydraulic oil every six months (hydraulic oil must have a light yellow, olive oil-like color, when the oil is deteriorating, the color turns darker or milky.) The oil filter should be replaced annually, and the oil itself every two years (or sooner, depending on use and condition). Visually inspect all the hydraulic connections once a week. Look for dirt, debris, and visible damage.

Cleaning your moving floor trailer

To keep your moving floor trailer in top condition, regularly cleaning it cannot be overrated. Not only do you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the moving floor system and other parts, it’s also a good opportunity to go through other components and check for any problems.
It is recommended to use a pressure washer (60 -100 bar) with warm water (40 - 60°C) and a light detergent.

TIP: During the first four months, just use cold water after use. The paint needs several months to harden completely.

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