Specialised options for grain on your Farmstar

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Specialised options for grain on your Farmstar

The right tool can make your job enjoyable and efficient. That is why we at STAS have designed an integrated funnel with an additional viewing window as well as a sample hatch specifically for unloading grain or feed with a Farmstar walking floor trailer.

Thanks to these specialised options, you can easily unload your entire load of grain into a dump pit. The funnel, which is built into the rear of the trailer, can also be closed so that you can unload the walking floor trailer in the conventional way via the rear doors with the moving floor system.

The integrated funnel allows you to unload in a controlled way. There is also the possibility to connect a grain sock to the integrated funnel. This is a tool which makes it possible to unload the grain in a controlled way and to limit the formation of dust during the unloading process. When unloading without a grain sock, the speed of the unloading can create a cloud of dust at the unloading pit. In humid weather, the dust will stick everywhere, which can be prevented by the grain sock. The grain sock is easy to add to the integrated grain funnel.

When the cargo is being unloaded, you can simply monitor the process through a small viewing window at the back in the side wall of the walking floor trailer and see when the trailer is (almost) empty. When quality checks must be carried out on the load, a rear door with a sample hatch offers a handy solution because you don’t have to open the tarpaulin to take a sample.

Looking for the right specialised options for your walking floor trailer?

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