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STAS Ecosystems


In recent years, STAS has been working on an overview of the global greenhouse emissions for which it’s responsible in the production of steel and aluminium semi-trailers. During this project, it became clear STAS needs the aid and support of all stakeholders to be able to get an accurate overview. Suppliers of steel, aluminium, and all kinds of trailer components such as tyres, axles, and support feet… all play a role in trailer production, as do other parties such as paint suppliers. To manufacture its trailers sustainably and contribute to a circular economy, STAS must work in collaboration with all parties involved, as it cannot do so on its own.

First things first: we know we must do something to save our dear planet earth and its inhabitants. But how can STAS substantially reduce its impact? We need a goal to work towards.


STAS’s goal is to manufacture the most sustainable tippers and moving floor trailers on the planet. Even though transport is inherently linked to CO² emissions, there are certain things that can be done to reduce the impact on the planet regarding semi-trailers. However, we realise that we can only have a limited influence on this ourselves. We need our suppliers to also step up and work towards more sustainable products and materials. Furthermore, they also need to get a clear view of their products and the CO² emissions connected to their production. As you can see, we’re building a web where everyone’s involved.


We aim to create a community consisting of suppliers, buyers, dealers, users, and anyone interested in sustainability in terms of manufacturing and transport. It should be a group of people who really want to strive for a better planet.

Today and beyond

We have meanwhile organised roundtable talks with various stakeholders (suppliers, clients, dealers, …) who are already working on sustainability to some extent. We have invited everyone to an online platform where sustainability topics can be discussed. It’s a safe space where we promote discussion, tips & tricks, and facts… as long as it’s about creating a more sustainable production process or product.

Our aim is to get sustainability on the agenda and top of mind with our stakeholders so they can also start working towards the most sustainable version of their products. We don’t have a 100% clear picture of where we are going, we only know where we’re heading. We just know it’s important to get everyone aboard this journey.

We need someone to put it out there, and if not us, then who?