Cargo Floor drive unit

For over 30 years, Cargo Floor has been developing and producing the best-known drive units for moving floor trailers in Europe. The Cargo Floor system is widely recognised as the go-to solution for bulk loads that need to be transferred horizontally. Because Cargo Floor is so well-established throughout Europe, spare parts and repair workshops are found throughout the continent.

Why choose Cargo Floor?

  • Most common moving floor drive unit in Europe
  • Wide availability of spare parts
  • Wide range of floor profiles available
  • Every European truck driver with moving floor experience knows how to operate a Cargo Floor drive unit


  • Control box available with wired and wireless remote control
  • Manual override in case of an electrical problem
  • Floor profiles available for every type of (bulk) load
  • Every drive unit is thoroughly tested by Cargo Floor
  • Optional forklift reinforcement
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