Hallco drive unit

Hallco puts a lot of emphasis on the lowest cost of ownership: everything on the Hallco drive unit is designed to be easily repaired or replaced without compromising on quality or stability. This makes a big difference in the long run reducing workshop hours and therefore downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Drivers love their Hallco drive units for safe and simple operation. The buttons on the control box and the remote-control unit are backlit. This means you can immediately see the current status of the moving floor system without having to investigate the body, which isn't always possible. On top of all that, you can save up to 30% unloading time with the accelerator function!

Hallco accelerator

The Hallco accelerator allows you to save up to 30% of your unloading time at the touch of a button! While unloading, activate the accelerator function on the control box or remote control. When activated, the accelerator keeps one of the three-floor slat groups stationary, which eliminates one of the three steps backward. This function works best with heavier loads that interlock and behave like a unit.

Ease-of-use and safety

  • HDS-E control valve as standard: fully electronic operation and accelerator
  • Easy manual override in case of an electrical problem
  • Control box and remote-control buttons with clear background lighting and simple controls
  • Wired or wireless remote controls available, both easy to retrofit
  • Floor profiles available for every type of load
  • Hallco accelerator: save up to 30% of your time when unloading

Lowest cost-of-ownership and longest lifetime

  • Control valve and control box are fully modular and easy to upgrade
  • Efficient hydraulics with low heat loss
    • Large diameter hydraulic piping
    • Large radius bends in the piping
  • Floor profiles in durable 6082-T6 aluminium with special twin-tip seal
  • Super strong and fully enclosed subdeck, no road wash and grit entry
  • Fast floor profile replacement: there's only one long bearing under each floor profile
  • Every single drive unit is fully tested by Hallco
  • Optional forklift reinforcement

Easy maintenance and minimised downtime

  • Every individual component is available as a spare part, no need to buy entire assemblies
  • Upright hydraulic filter placement
  • Every individual part is easily disassembled and refurbished, even hydraulic cylinders
  • Gaskets and O-rings are readily available
  • No-nonsense design
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