A clean semi-trailer with a pressure washer on board

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A clean semi-trailer with a pressure washer on board

"Certain types of cargo make your moving floor very dirty. Sometimes it is even necessary or mandatory to clean between 2 types of loads. Dirt, dust or odor can easily be removed if you have a pressure cleaner on board of your walking floor."

Pressure washer on board

The pressure washer can be mounted as a specialised option on your STAS walking floor trailer. The hydraulic water pump delivers a force of 150 bar with an output of about 15 liters of water per minute.

This hydraulic pressure cleaning system is equipped with a water hose of 20 meters so that the trailer can be cleaned anywhere. The system is located in the middle of the trailer to be able to clean everything in the front, back and inside the trailer. The water tank has a capacity of 400 liters of water. This allows you to use the high-pressure cleaner intensively for 25 minutes.

The PVC water tank has been developed for your convenience. You refill the water tank very quickly and easily through the large opening. The hydraulic pump is thoughtfully installed in an aluminum toolbox.

How do you use the pressure washer? 

  • Make sure your trailer is on a location where you can clean it.
  • Put on suitable clothing and safety shoes.
  • Make sure there is enough water in the PVC water tank.
  • Open the case and attach the water hose to the hydraulic system.

When the hose is attached, all you have to do is switch on the hydraulic water pump. This is done by changing the position of the three-way valve, which is mounted at the level of the floor system. When this is done, you are ready to clean your walking floor trailer. Keep the spray nozzle at a sufficient distance from your target and start cleaning with a sideways movement at an angle of 45 degrees.

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