Meet Team Sustainability

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Meet Team Sustainability

From left to right: Lies Berkein, People Expert / Floris Vandewalle, Homologation Expert / Els Carrette, Marketing Expert / Sus Benoit, product expert / Mathieu Locquet, Marketing Expert / Wouter Robeyns, Product Expert / Bram De Wolf, Health and Safety Expert

Ever since the foundation of STAS the common goal has always been to work on the most durable trailers, durable in every sense of the word. To make this goal more feasible within STAS, we set up Team Sustainability with enthousiastic employees who keep sustainability close to their hearts. The team aims to implement durability beyond how our products are made and wants to expand the debate within the entire organisation and in all its facets.

We are firmly convinced that there is no single miracle solution to transform STAS into a fully sustainable organisation. We want to go much further than that.

To have a real impact, we have to start with our people. After all, it's the people who make the difference.


Sustainability is all too often linked exclusively to limiting emissions. Although emissions are one of the biggest hurdles to overcome, realistic alternatives do not always exist at this time. This often results into a standstill when it comes to the progress that can be made. To deal with this, we want to shift the discussion from mere emissions reduction to real impact.

The question we ask ourselves is therefore not "How do we solve this one problem as quickly as possible?", but rather, "How do we get to where we want to be in the long run?". Only by thinking about it this way can we take action in a realistic and doable manner. After all, taking action is what we are all about.

The beginning of everything

The very first goal is very ambitious from the start: an "internal mind shift". The approach is that people make the difference, so if we want to transform the organisation, we have to start by transforming people's mindset. 

To get everyone on board with this mindset shift, a poll was set up to get more insight into the themes the colleagues themselves find important. Things soon became very tangible: 

  • Mobility
  • Energy consumption
  • Sustainable suppliers

By focusing on these three main themes, Team Sustainability wants to prove both within STAS and to the outside world that a turnaround is indeed possible. Even in a sector that is generally not labelled as sustainable. 

We therefore cordially invite all of our partners to undertake the same exercise for themselves. Because we cannot do it alone, and the revolution we want to bring about concerns us all.

Team Sustainability

Meet STAS Team Sustainability: a multidisciplinary team of colleagues who, in addition to the existing tasks within the organisation, are given the space to make an impact and thus steer the organisation towards sustainability. We are happy to add that more colleagues have since joined the team.

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