Move in May Challenge 2022

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Move in May Challenge 2022

Last year was the first time we organised the Move in May Challenge. This year we went a step further and involved all employees across the 4 sites and encouraged them to walk, run or cycle as much as possible. Last year we covered a total of 9114.59 km. This year we went even further and achieved 11,965.27 km!

All STAS employees were challenged again this year to walk, cycle and run as much as possible. The competition was very much alive at STAS during the last month and it even evolved into a real competition to reach the top 3 in each category.

The goal? To jointly cover the distance between the 4 STAS Factories 4 times: Waregem (BE), Doornik (BE), Medias (RO) and Freudenberg (DE). That distance would be 2.088 km. But our goal was to do it 4 times over and get 8,352 km.

And that already happened on May 24th! But we didn’t give up and kept going. After all, winners had to be chosen!

On 1 June, the absolute winners per category were announced: 3 men and 3 women who gave their everything to walk, cycle and run as many kilometres as possible during the month of May. In total we managed to reach 11.965,27 km! We cycled 8303 km, walked 1523 km and hiked 2140 km. And it felt good!

#1 men's running

I’m a regular runner, even without the Move in May Challenge.
My goal is to run the marathon of Antwerp in September 2022, but when I noticed I had a chance to win, I of course did some extra kilometres aside from the planned training sessions. 
The Challenge gave me extra motivation to train and the competitive atmosphere at work was quite fun so I am definitely a fan!

#2 women's cycling

We regularly cycle with the family in the weekend, and if possible in the morning and evening to school. When the weather’s goode I always cycle to work so I didn’t really have to do any extra efforts for this.

#1 men's hiking

My girlfriend and I often go for a walk. But for the Move in May Challenge we made a serious effort. We discovered many beautiful places and at the end we sometimes said, 'walking again'. It was an exciting battle and the competitive spirit in me came out. Thank you STAS for making sure that in May I did nothing but hike!