STAS at Solutrans 2021

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STAS at Solutrans 2021

Solutrans: the most important exhibition for commercial vehicles in Lyon (France) took place this year from 16 to 20 November and STAS couldn't miss it. Together with our French STAS dealers and some STAS colleagues we travelled to the south of France and brought 2 STAS vehicles with us: our Agrostar tipper perfectly equipped for agricultural transports and our Ecostar moving floor trailer for the recycling segment. Something for everyone!

Discover our Agrostar

The most flexible tipper on the market for the agricultural segment - available in volumes from 45m³ to 79m³. This tipper is extremely suitable for the transport of all kinds of agricultural products such as beets, potatoes, and grain. When you choose the watertight Agrostar, you can also transport fertilisers, slaughter waste and other moist bulk products without any problems. The Agrostar is built with the most stable chassis on the market, allowing drivers to unload safely on uneven surfaces. Each STAS semi-trailer can be specialised with options. This Agrostar is no different. We highlight some of the recently modified elements of the exhibition vehicle:

  • New Cramaro Overquick

    The fully automatic Cramaro Overquick sheeting system is many driver’s favourite. The tarpaulin can be easily applied to a load that protrudes slightly above the top edge. In the new version of the Cramaro Overquick, the position of the air chamber has been moved to the front deflector, making the system much more efficient. In addition, new air chamber protection has been provided resulting in a more durable product. The belt drive has also been optimised to improve the tension of the cover. This prevents large quantities of water from accumulating on the tarpaulin and thus rules out water damage. Most striking is the new front rail that protrudes less from the front panel than the previous version.
  • Renewed bumper for tippers

    As a result of the recent ECE-R58-03 law changes for increased traffic safety for all road users, we have created new designs for our bumpers. They have been approved by the testing authority and are CE-marked. At Solutrans, we unveiled the new manually foldable underrun bar.

Discover our Ecostar

Our Ecostar walking floor trailer was specially developed in cooperation with various waste-processing companies in order to meet the needs and wishes of waste transporters. The Ecostar has a reinforced superstructure to ensure optimal durability and safety in the often harsh conditions in which this trailer is used. There is an extensive range of specialised options to tailor this vehicle to your needs. We recently made some improvements to 2 primary aspects of the vehicle: 

  • New bumper for walking floor trailers

    The Ecostar is also equipped with a brand-new underrun bar due to the ECE-R58-03 changes. Here the design was adapted specifically for walking floor trailers. The underrun bar is in line with recent legislative changes and the design has been approved by the inspection authorities and is CE-approved. The underrun bar was not only made more attractive, but also a lot stronger. The cover plate protecting the working lights has been made more ergonomic and now consists of one piece instead of two.
  • The catwalk

    Also recently renewed in design are the catwalks for the walking floor trailers. This platform is located on the front bulkhead of the semi-trailer and gives the driver an easy view of the load and the loading process and is also useful when opening and closing the manual sheeting system. The catwalk has been improved from an aesthetic point of view, but above all it has been made safer. For example, the floor of the catwalk has been made more slip-resistant for better grip, as has the first step of the ladder in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

Are you looking for a specific tipper or walking floor trailer within the construction, agricultural or recycling sector? Contact your local STAS dealer to discuss the options.

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