STAS Factory Tournai expands!

Fenntartható gyártás Mozgópadlós félpótkocsi
STAS Factory Tournai expands!

The past year has seen many changes in our STAS Factory Tournai. Not only did we invest in a brand-new paint shop and STAS Factory Tournai won the award for Factory of the Future for the second time, we also added about 8.000m² to our factory! This is how we prepare STAS Factory Tournai for the future, go #teamSTAS!

To boost the production of walking floor trailers, we added no less than 8,000m² to our factory in the course of 2021! That is a lot of extra space! Thanks to this investment in extra space and machinery, we are making it our business to increase the production capacity of moving floor trailer in Tournai. This not only enables us to work more efficiently, but also to offer a better-quality product. The new space is used in two ways.

Part of the new space is occupied by the brand-new paint shop with new spray booth, sanding machine, spray robot and drying booth.

The other half of the space is temporarily used for preparatory milling and sawing for STAS Factory Waregem because work is currently underway there. STAS Factory Waregem, in turn, is investing in a new automated line to produce the body for the typical STAS tippers. To allow production to continue to run as efficiently as possible, we temporarily moved these activities to Tournai. When the works in STAS Factory Waregem are finished and this space in Tournai becomes available again, the production capacity of walking floor trailers can be further increased.

In addition, this expansion will allow us to produce all chassis for the walking floor trailers on site in Tournai. Previously, these were produced in STAS Factory Waregem and then transported to STAS Factory Tournai to be assembled into our semi-trailers. By producing chassis in Tournai, the factory becomes more independent and there is less transport between the 2 factories. This allows us to work more efficiently and sustainably, and we end up with a higher-quality product and we make our trailers a real long-term pleasure.