Why choose an insulated trailer?

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Why choose an insulated trailer?

Trailers for the construction sector are oftentimes fitted with an insulating layer to retain the temperature of the load at the right temperature. A tipper for the construction sector, used for transporting asphalt, for example, will invariably be equipped with a heat-insulating layer. After all, the asphalt must remain at the correct temperature during transport in order to be processed successfully. If the load cools off too much, it’s no longer usable.

A layer of mineral rockwool solves that problem.

The walls of the trailer are lined with Rockwool panels. These consist of rockwool fibres that, after treatment with a thermosetting binder, are bonded to form water-repellent panels. The panels are then finished with an extra layer of aluminium. This gives insulated trailers a characteristic appearance. The certified plates are 70 mm thick and effortlessly achieve the required thermal resistance (R < 1.65 m2 K/W).

When you’re driving short distances, covering only the floor and sidewalls with an insulating layer may suffice. If you travel longer distances, it is preferable to have the entire trailer covered with an insulating layer.

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