Get the most out of your trailer with the WABCO Smartboard

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Get the most out of your trailer with the WABCO Smartboard

What is a WABCO Smartboard?

The Wabco Smartboard is a digital control panel for the electronically controlled functions of the tipper or moving floor trailer. The interface allows the driver to easily control various functions centrally via a graphic LCD display. For example, the height of the trailer can be optimised and the following functions can be set:

  • OptiTurn
  • Optiload
  • Lifting axles
  • Traction help

What to use the Smartboard for

It provides information or reports on mileage, breakdowns, load weight, and brake wear. The Wabco Smartboard is installed as standard on the trailer chassis and immediately set up in the customer's language. This gives the driver easy access to the smartboard to make operating the trailer as comfortable as possible. The Wabco Smartboard also contains batteries so it can be used even when there is no power available:

  • Reading out error codes
  • Odometer (odo)
  • System info
  • Brake wear
  • Settings of the smartboard itself
  • The height of the trailer can also be controlled by the lever, provided there is enough compressed air in the air tanks

Mind you, the Wabco Smartboard is just a control panel. The real magic happens in the ECU or "electronic control unit" installed safely under the chassis. That is where all the data comes in and where the system reacts when something needs to be done according to the settings.
For instance, the ride height will be restored to the preset height of 15km/h. Thus, the maximum vehicle height of 4 metres is always respected on the road and you avoid snags at bridges or overhanging objects. The height can only be adjusted when the trailer is stationary. In exceptional cases, your local STAS dealer can set a different speed.

How to operate a WABCO Smartboard

You activate the Wabco Smartboard by pressing any button. The screen activates and you can get started! You immediately see 6 functions appear depending on the functions provided on the trailer. You select a function by pressing the corresponding button next to the screen and return to the menu by pressing the home button. When a menu page or function consists of more than six items, you can use the right arrow to go to the next menu page.

The Wabco Smartboard control panel features 8 buttons.

  1. Function buttons to select function
  2. Next menu page when more than 6 options are available
  3. Return to the previous level or back to the home page
  4. Diagnostics and active systems. In the case of a submenu, this indicates which submenu you are in. Warnings are also displayed here.
  5. Current page within the menu

Get the most out of your trailer with the WABCO Smartboard

The Wabco Smartboard allows you to set up various applications:

  • Operating your trailer:
     You can use the Smartboard to pump air into the air bellows and raise the trailer higher or release air pressure which lowers the trailer. Do you frequent the same unloading dock? Then you can save the height for those docks with ECAS memory. That way, at the push of a button,
    you are always at the perfect height for that unloading dock. Note that when you leave and drive over 15 km/h, the trailer will automatically revert to the pre-set ride height. Of course, you can still manually adjust the trailer height thanks to the blue lever.
  • Operation of lifting axles:
     This option is only available when lifting axles are effectively provided on the trailer. The lifting axles can lift the axles, allowing the weight of the load on specific axles to be relieved. Thus, the last lifting axle can be lifted or partially relieved, reducing the turning radius. This functionality is also called OptiTurn
    Another functionality is the traction help. The front axle can be lifted or partially relieved on unstable ground, putting more weight on the fifth wheel.  This gives the tractor's driven axle more traction, making it easier for the trailer-tractor combination to drive off. Both these options also work when no lifting bellows are fitted, only the axles do not fully lift off the ground.
  • Reading out information via 'Diagnosis': This menu shows you any error messages in the form of a code. You will soon know where it goes wrong by simply Googling it or looking it up in the Wabco manual.
  • Odometer
  • Settings
  • ...

Download Smartboard manual

Download our WABCO smartboard manual to see how you can easily use these applications with the smartboard.