10 commandments for a happy and safe STAS employee

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10 commandments for a happy and safe STAS employee

Safety first! At STAS, we believe that for 100% but happiness in the workplace is equally crucial. We believe it is imperative to have happy employees who enjoy coming to work every day. And safety and working efficiently have a big impact on that.

Research by Erasmus University Rotterdam indicates that happy employees are more productive, live longer, are sick less often, are more helpful, more open, and even volunteer more often! Not only does the employee feel better in their skin, but we also collectively benefit! Many factors influence happiness in the workplace. Just think about your health, fun colleagues, team spirit, and the company culture.

This objective is already fully embedded in our 5 values, together they make working at STAS a real pleasure.

From these 5 values, we have written 10 obvious guidelines into the Pleasure Policy that materialise these values. We literally highlighted these guidelines by painting them on the walls in the factories. This way, everyone is reminded daily of what is important.
Out of respect for everyone, everyone follows those guidelines.

  1. Stay alert, don't get hurt
    I work in safe conditions, following safety regulations, with available PPE and work clothes. I hold everyone accountable for non-compliance and actively help create a safer working environment.
  2. Lead by example
    I respect the diversity of employees in team STAS. We respect each other's opinions, culture, nationality, language, gender, age, and any other form of distinction. I am collegiate and refrain from bullying behaviour.
  3. Keep it (c )lean
    I respect the company, workstation and equipment. I put my tools back where they belong and leave my workstation as it should be. I sort my waste, dim the lights and close the gates. I respect the environment and contribute to a better future.
  4. Let's talk about it
    I communicate promptly, both about the positive and the negative. I do this in an honest, sincere, constructive and transparent way within the entire STAS group. We greet each other upon arrival and departure and listen to each other.
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work
    I help and motivate colleagues where I can to deliver good work together because as a team we can achieve much more. I do not pass on problems but strive for first time right.
  6. Think happy, act happy, be happy
    I work with a positive attitude. I do my best and always take responsibility. I take initiative to work more efficiently and proactively indicate what could or should be improved.
  7. If you act kind and polite, the world will be right
    I refrain from theft, aggression and violence.
  8. Lost time is never found again
    I respect the agreed working time and the start/end of an appointment. I inform before start-up if this is not possible because my absence affects the presence of my colleagues.
  9. Good agreements make good friends
    I eat and drink at the intended place and time. I sort my waste as appropriate. I smoke at the designated place according to the agreements made. Drugs and alcohol are prohibited on the STAS site.
  10. No cellphone in the STAS zone
    I will not use a cellphone on the STAS premises during working hours, unless for work matters or subject to permission.

Thanks to these 10 commandments, we ensure that every STAS employee comes to work safe and happy. We facilitate an open, safe and inclusive working environment where we encourage everyone to take responsibility and say something when things aren’t working or when something goes wrong.

Because our people make STAS.